May 27, 2011

Learn Those Songs!

Touring guitarist Peter Thorn (Melissa Etheridge, Jewel, Chris Cornell and more) writes a great column for Premier Guitar magazine, called “The Working Guitarist”.  All of his pieces are terrific and the focus is on gear, attitude, performance, etc. for the guitarist with a gig.   But my favorite article by Peter is called, “You’ve Got the Gig, Now Learn Those Songs!” The focus here is on learning new material efficiently, which is great information for any guitarist, not just those with a steady gig.

If you’ve ever found yourself in the position of “new guy” (or girl) in a band, you know that there is quite a challenge in learning all of the band’s material quickly and accurately.  Peter’s article covers all of the options he uses; interestingly, none of them involve internet TABs!  He does mention using a particular transcription software, Transcribe! , which I’m going to check out for myself.  I’ll write a review of this software in an upcoming post once I’ve gotten familiar with it.

The Working Guitarist: You’ve Got the Gig, Now Learn Those Songs!

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