July 27, 2011

How To Play…”Rolling in the Deep”

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So my new current obsession is the song, “Rolling in the Deep”, by the British singer, Adele. Truth be told, I was somewhat familiar with Adele, but didn’t even know that the song pummeling my senses everyday over the car stereo and at the gym was hers. I just knew it was a great song with tremendous vocals and a cool, bluesy vibe.

It was really one of my students (yo, Savannah!) who inadvertently turned me onto Adele via her impassioned Facebook posts. So I asked her which Adele song I should check out first. She said, “‘Rolling in the Deep’ is her biggest song, so you could probably start there.” And so I did. And the rest is history, culminating in the following guitar lesson!

I’ve broken the lesson into two parts. The verse and pre-chorus sections are covered in this first video post and the chorus section will be covered in my follow-up post. This way you’ll have a little time to digest the basics of the song before moving on.

My favorite aspect of learning songs like “Rolling in the Deep”, especially on acoustic guitar, is that you get multiple options for how you’d like to play it. You can do a simple, streamlined version, or you can take it up a notch and embellish it in ways that make it a little more interesting to listen to. Learning how to effectively embellish a song is a great skill to have, especially for the solo artist/singer-songwriter who needs to generate a lot of sound from one guitar. This lesson should help to give you some fresh ideas and get the creative juices flowing!

To learn more about Adele, check out this Wiki link.

Now let’s get rollin’!

Keep an eye out for my next video lesson post on the chorus of “Rolling in the Deep”. It will feature some different strumming options for engaging your creativity and making the song more fun to play and interesting for your audience (even if that “audience” is just you). In the meantime, check out this great live cover by former American Idol, David Cook. Dude tears this up.

See you at the chorus!

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