August 19, 2011

Free For All Friday, August 19, 2011

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Food Fight!

Hey, kids! Welcome to Free For All Friday, where we throw random stuff at the wall to see what sticks. It’s like a musical food fight! What’s on the menu today, you ask?

Today’s selections include:

1 – Some sweet guitarist mullets
2 – If gear came with warning labels
3 – A bonus, like a free bowl of Jello

Eat up, rock stars!

Top 10 Guitarist Mullets

Paul McCartney mullet

Courtesy of Guitar Squid, this is quite funny and speaks for itself, so no additional jibber-jabber from JB. However, I will throw into the mix my very own mullet pic at some point in this FFAF post. Be alert – it’s awesomesauce!

And who even remembered that Sir Paul had such a fierce mullet of his own? >>>>>>>>

Top 10 Guitarist Mullets

If Gear Came With Warning Labels

If you are a guitarist/bassist, these pics will be hilarious. I actually slapped my knee once or twice. If you’re not a guitarist, you will find them absolutely underwhelming. My request? Share this link/website with a guitarist you like/love and want to make pee his/her pants. Thanks again to Guitar Squid! Check out Volumes 1 and 2 also!

If Gear Came With Warning Labels – Volume 3

My 1989 Mullet, aka “The Don Ho”

my mullet

As promised!

See you next Friday, kids!

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