February 9, 2016

My New Facebook Guitar Group: Six String Life

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I’d like to welcome you to join my new Facebook guitar group, Six String Life!

If you dig the lessons and information you’re finding here on my little corner of the web, then I know you’re going to LOVE this community.

I created the group so that guitarists of varying skill levels could share tips, techniques, lessons and stories, build relationships/network, and celebrate each other’s wins.

Anyone is welcome, from beginner to advanced players, hobbyists to gigging pros. And that’s the beauty of it! My vision for this group is a place where less experienced players can learn from the seasoned veterans.

To bump that up a notch, I’m going to have some guest pros – friends who are top players, teachers and technicians/luthiers – to answer questions from the group members periodically, a la Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything”.

It’s a great opportunity to pick the brains of quality musical minds.

I may be biased, but I think this is going to be the most kickass guitar community online. Just click the link below to join. Let’s have some fun and raise our guitar game!

Six String Life Facebook Group

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  1. Takabaw says:

    I am beginner, I want to Lear Guiter.

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