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Since 2005, Jim has been a full-time guitar teacher to literally hundreds of students!  He spent 4 years at Harford Community College, teaching the packed Monday night Guitar I and II classes, as well as 5 years at the Maryland Conservatory of Music, giving private lessons and founding the school’s first ever pop/rock guitar program.

Jim currently teaches private guitar lessons exclusively out of his thriving home studio in Bel Air, Maryland.  He welcomes all students, 6th grade through adult, and loves the challenge of getting adult beginners – usually the students with the most apprehension initially – playing and having fun from the first lesson!  Jim’s studio is currently comprised of approximately 2/3 teenagers and 1/3 adults.

Cryin' Out Loud in 2011 - Ethan, Walsh, Emily, Piper and Mike

Jim graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Towson University, where he studied under some of the most respected music educators in Maryland.  He has 33 years of playing experience, of which 20+ years were spent as a professional guitarist/vocalist.  All of this adds up to a guitar teacher who understands the learning process at a deep level and coaches the student to reach his/her own unique goals at a comfortable pace.  Jim also understands the benefit of giving all students – beginner through advanced – the pro tips and tricks that will make their playing instantly sound more professional!   Whether you’re a brand new guitarist strumming her first chords, a solid intermediate player aiming to take his skills to the next level, or a 20 year veteran looking for new inspiration – you’ve come to the right place.

In addition to private lessons, Jim loves to train the next generation of musicians in a band environment.  During his tenure at the Maryland Conservatory, he founded the Classic Rock Ensemble, and he has spent the last two years as musical director/manager of the teen rock band, Cryin’ Out Loud, which is comprised of some of his most accomplished students.  COL performs regularly in Harford County at some of the most popular venues and events, often sharing the stage with adult professional bands.  They rock!

Many of Jim’s current and former students can be found not only playing professionally in rock bands, but also jamming in high school jazz ensembles, performing in community theater pit bands or church worship groups, and pursuing music degrees at the college level, including the famed Berklee College of Music.

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Jim Bowley is a well-known Bel Air, Maryland based guitar instructor. Jim is respected throughout Harford County, and the MD/DC/PA region, for his guitar teaching technique of tailoring instruction for each student’s skill level — he gives lessons to beginner, intermediate and advanced adults and children.

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