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September 9, 2011

Status Update, Part Deux: The Intermediate Student

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Greetings, current and future rock stars!

In our last installment, we covered JB’s criteria – the Beginner Fundamentals – for passing from guitar newbie to advanced beginner status.

Guitar playing is based on physical skills AND musicianship, so we included in our criteria some basic theory (understanding simple rhythms, the musical alphabet, common symbols) to go along with foundation technique (good posture, basic chords, making a good sound).

I would also suggest that these fundamentals include miscellaneous-type stuff, such as knowing the parts of the guitar, effective use of a tuner, and even simple use of a capo. For the full list, check out Status Update: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced?

In order to consider yourself a late beginner, you should demonstrate clear mastery of this material. Someone of late beginner status should also be able to play in a way that “sounds like music” to the average person. (more…)

September 6, 2011

Status Update: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced?

FB status update

Let’s play a quick game of make-believe, young rock and rollers!

It’s time to update your Facebook status, but that darn Mark Zuckerberg and his evil minions have “improved” your FB experience with yet another change.

Now they will only allow you to enter one word – beginner, intermediate or advanced – to describe yourself…as a guitarist.

No song lyrics. No complaining about what a bad day you’re having. No pics of your dinner or your vacation. Just straight-up, honest guitar assessment.

So what level guitarist are you? Are you a beginner or intermediate? Have you graduated to advanced status?

Good questions. (more…)

Jim Bowley is a professional guitarist, teacher and blogger. A native of Baltimore, he has over 30 years of playing experience and an advanced degree in Music Education from Towson University. Jim lives in Bel Air, MD where he maintains a thriving private lesson studio and performs with his band, Remains of Radio.

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