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August 30, 2011

A Guitar Teacher Gains Perspective


I love my students.

First of all, just the fact that they want to share in the study of music, and specifically guitar – something I’ve devoted my life to – automatically qualifies them for BFF status in my book. If they are highly motivated and not afraid of work (read: ready to kick some serious butt), then I get all misty-eyed just talking about their awesomeness.

But what about the student that you just KNOW has incredible potential, but never really wants to work hard enough to maximize it?

That’s the one that’ll break your heart. (more…)

Jim Bowley is a professional guitarist, teacher and blogger. A native of Baltimore, he has over 30 years of playing experience and an advanced degree in Music Education from Towson University. Jim lives in Bel Air, MD where he maintains a thriving private lesson studio and performs with his band, Remains of Radio.

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