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June 21, 2011

Pinky Power!

Odds are that when you first learned the most important chord in rock music – the righteous power chord – your pinky finger was not even an option.

Instead you probably learned it in the traditional way, with fingers 1 and 3.

That’s certainly the way I learned it, with the thumb back, fingers spread, and using the familiar “one finger per fret” concept.

For intermediate players, though, there are some real benefits to playing power chords with fingers 1 and 4. The “pinky power chord”:

  • minimizes tension in the hand
  • allows us to play across a wider fret span
  • allows us to use finger 3 when necessary
  • eases the challenge of making fast lateral power chord moves.

It’s comfortable and highly practical – a win-win!  You may even find that you like this grip so much, you rarely go back to the traditional method (just like me). (more…)

Jim Bowley is a professional guitarist, teacher and blogger. A native of Baltimore, he has over 30 years of playing experience and an advanced degree in Music Education from Towson University. Jim lives in Bel Air, MD where he maintains a thriving private lesson studio and performs with his band, Remains of Radio.

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