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May 26, 2011

Songs Are Overrated. Riffs Rule.

Ted Nugent

I figured that title would get your attention.  Especially if you believe that learning entire songs is the best indicator of your progress on guitar. 

Is learning a whole song good for you?  Sure. 

Is it absolutely necessary?  It depends. 

Can you make tremendous progress as a guitarist without learning entire songs?  Absolutely.

The truth is that learning entire songs is overrated for the beginner guitarist. However, learning riffs, intros, chord progressions, melodies – the recognizable and memorable parts of songs – well that’s just plain fun!

And contained within each memorable part are invaluable nuggets of musical goodness waiting for you to discover them. Do not underestimate the value of the classic guitar riff.

How can I be sure that this approach to learning guitar will work? (more…)

Jim Bowley is a professional guitarist, teacher and blogger. A native of Baltimore, he has over 30 years of playing experience and an advanced degree in Music Education from Towson University. Jim lives in Bel Air, MD where he maintains a thriving private lesson studio and performs with his band, Remains of Radio.

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