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June 1, 2011

Two Red Chairs

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"Two Red Chairs" by Jeffrey Becom


A couple of years ago, we had the basement finished in our house.  One of the main reasons for the renovation was to create a more professional workspace for me – a combination recording and guitar studio.  We painted the walls in what I seem to remember was called “Grecian Marble”, a cool, gray-green that just begged for a strong color in contrast.  My wife suggested the red family, with the promise that it would really “pop” against the neutral background.  So we found some deep red vases and some red silk pillows for the couch.  We created some red, black and gold striped sound panels to absorb echoes and give the room some flair.  And we found two red chairs – two bright red chairs – for my student and me to sit and play guitar.

Not long after, I set out to look for some art for the walls.  I was adamant that not everything in the studio is “music themed”; it was important for the room to look sharp but elegant, with a groovy vibe that was apparent as soon as you walked in.  I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, but I’d know it when I found it.  And then I found it. (more…)

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