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January 11, 2015

Guitar Goals for a New Year (2015 Edition)

Happy New Year to all my guitar ninjaz out there!

The first guitar lessons of a new year always find me asking my students what their goals will be in the upcoming months. It’s nice to feel freshly inspired and to get our minds right in January.

Some of their goals will be stylistic (“I’d like to learn how to play blues better”), some will be technical (“I need some serious practice on my string bends”) and most will be repertoire (“This year I’m gonna learn the entire Led Zeppelin catalog note for note”).

Those three things are “big ticket items” to me; you can never go wrong with this approach and you’ll get lots of bang for your musical buck here. But there are a number of other, less obvious, things that you can resolve to learn as well.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of ideas to get you started – a dozen big and small ticket items, if you will. It’s a grab bag of stuff to inspire you and give you some clear direction in the months to come. (more…)

September 5, 2014

The 3 Biggest Mental Battles Every Guitar Player Faces

Today’s post is directly inspired by another post that has nothing – and everything – to do with guitar.

As a matter of fact, I shamelessly ripped off the title and substituted “guitar player” for “blogger”.

It was just too perfect.

The post in question is written by Michael Hyatt, a top blogger in the field of leadership. His latest post hit my inbox just one day after a conversation with an adult student who was having a tough time.

As I was reading his article, I kept substituting the mental battles we face as guitar players for Michael’s blogging experience. In my head, I was agreeing, “Yes, yes…and YES again!” (more…)

April 24, 2012

Six Steps to Awesome: #4 – Be Consistent

punch clock awesome consistentIf you ask the average person what it takes to be awesome on a musical instrument, they would undoubtedly say, “Practice.”

And they would be right. Consistent practice is one of the keys to greatness in any skill.

Notice I said, “consistent practice”. The consistent part is pretty important.

Guitarists that practice haphazardly are likely to get haphazard results. If you wanna be awesome, you have to punch the clock regularly and get down to business.

[If you haven’t yet checked out the first three of the Six Steps to Awesome, this would be a fine time to do so. They can be found here, here and here.]

In the fourth installment of our series, we’re going to explore why consistency is so important to your success, both mentally and physically; why short but frequent sessions always trump marathon practices; and why keeping your guitar in plain sight is one of the hidden “tricks” to guitar progress. (more…)

April 5, 2012

Six Steps to Awesome: #2 – Find a Mentor

The Karate Kid

Welcome to the second installment in our series, The Six Steps to Awesome!

In these articles we’re going to explore the six elements that will bring your guitar playing closer to Status: Awesome.

But remember that these points can apply to anything you want to learn and master – whether it’s driving a car, making an omelet or juggling chainsaws – so please read on with that in mind.

(Especially if you plan on juggling chainsaws. That doesn’t seem like the sort of thing to do if you’re not awesome. :))

If you haven’t read the first part yet – Make the Commitment – then please do that now, since it all starts with being committed.

This second installment is about finding a mentor – your own personal Mr. Miyagi – to coach you and give you the benefit of his experiences. (more…)

July 15, 2011

Free For All Friday: July 15, 2011

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Food Fight!

Hey, kids! Welcome to Free For All Friday, where we throw a bunch of stuff at the wall to see what sticks!

Today’s agenda includes:

1 – Zen Guitar
2 – The 30 Day Challenge from Matt Cutts
3 – Rush in 2011

Guaranteed to make you stronger, wiser, and better looking. Enjoy! (more…)

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